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IPL 2020 in UAE: All about bowling and handling spin well, says Dean Jones | Exclusive

The Indian Premier League is all set to be played in the UAE from September 19 and one man who knows a lot about T20 cricket being played in the middle-east is former Australian cricketer Dean Jones. Deano, as he is popularly known in cricketing circles, has been associated with the Pakistan Super League as a cricket pundit and coach over the years.

Jones’ experience of having watched T20 cricket being played in the UAE from close quarters gives him an edge as a cricket pundit during the upcoming IPL. Speaking to Hindustan Times over phone from Australia, Jones said that it could all come down to who plays spin better as the pitches are going to get tired with so much cricket being played on them in extremely hot conditions.

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“Well, they will be using all three grounds at Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Whenever I have commentated there or coached in the PSL, I can say they all have their individual characteristics. You need to make sure you have got your match-ups right. The major concern for all the teams would be that with so much cricket being played on all three venues, the pitches will get tired and that’s only natural.

“So, it might come down to who plays spin better. Some teams might pick three spinners and only two quicks. At the start the pitches will be great to bat on but there is no doubt that they will get tired as the tournament goes on,” the former Aussie batsman said.

The matches will be played in three venues and the sizes of the grounds in these venues differ from each other. Jones said he would want the BCCI to conduct the matches in the original sizes of the ground and not pull the boundaries in as it would mean the teams would have to adapt to different requirements and make for interesting cricket.

“Sharjah is the smallest but Dubai and Abu Dhabi have big grounds. How the BCCI manages the size of the ground is going to be quite interesting.’

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